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Terms And Conditions

1. Introduction
These terms and conditions apply to the Xbox Series S(“the Competition”) more fully described below.
2. Key Words And Definitions
​The following words shall have the meaning given below.
“Announcement Date”
The date the winner of the Prize will be announced being the date of the competition;
“Closing Date”
Means the 31th May 2024-00h00 (midnight), being the last date to buy an entry ticket;
“Draw Date”
1 June 2024 being the date that the Tickets will be determined per draw for the Xbox Series S.
“S Foundation”
S Foundation is a Proprietary Limited with company registration number 2021 / 373175 / 07, address at 221 Breslau Street, Magalieskruin, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0150 and the promotor of the Competition;
“Start Date”
The date whereupon the Competition was announced and Ticket sales open;
Ticket is for each ticket that the competitor buy for the Competition online on S Foundation Website https://www.shopieservices.co.za/s-foundation.
“The Prize”
Means the Xbox Series S.
“the Winner”
The winner of the competition and who will receive the Prize.
3.The Competition relates to the Prize (Xbox Series S) as described above.
4. The Prize is supplied by Shopie
5. The profits of the ticket sale, after deduction of amounts for expenses and prizes, shall be solely applied for recognised charitable purposes as per the S Foundation.
6. Competitors must make their own travel arrangements to attend to the Competition and at their own cost .
7. Requirements for participation in the Competition.
7.1. Only holders of a valid Ticket shall be eligible for the draw.
7.2. Ticket sales will end at the Closing Date. Ticket sales will as such end at midnight the 31th of May 2024.
7.3. A person may buy multiple Tickets, the price of a ticket will remain the same no matter the number of Tickets bought;
7.4. In order for a Ticket to be valid, the Ticket must be bought and paid up, by the Closing Date;
7.5. Entry into the Competition shall be by means of buy Tickets and paid for by S Foundation Website page https://www.shopie.co.za/s-foundation/ and by means of making payment of the required cost of the Ticket to S Foundation.
7.6. All holders of Tickets will qualify for the Draw.
8. How Competition winner will be determined.
8.1. The Prize in the Competition will not be awarded to any person who is a director, member, partner, employee or agent of, or consultant to the S Foundation or any other person who directly or indirectly controls, or is controlled by, the S Foundation or a supplier or sponsor of goods in connection with the Competition.
8.2. As at the Closing Date the Accountant will determine a list of all Ticket Holders and Tickets sold.
8.3. Each Ticket sold ,will be assigned a single unique, sequential number by the Accountant.
8.4. The Winner will be eligible determined by means of a random number generator (RNG) being a computer program designed to, on random, pick a number, from the numbers assigned to the Tickets, as above (the “Draw”). The Winner of the Xbox Series S competition shall be determined as below.
8.5. The Draw to determine the Winner will take place at the office of the Accountant and the results will be recorded.
8.6. The Initial Draw will take place on the 1st of June 2024
8.7. The RNG program used will be in the discretion of the Accountant.
8.8 If a competitor is unable to attend to the live draw, an new Competitor will be determined by random (RNG) draw from the pool of Ticket Holders.
8.15. The Ticket Holder who answer his/her phone will win the Prize.
8.16. If it transpires that the winning Ticket Holder is disqualified from receiving the prize, a new Ticket Holder in the Competition will be contacted telephonically.
8.17. Should a Ticket Holder accept the Prize and it only become apparent afterwards that the member was disqualified, the Ticket Holder shall return the Prize.
8.18. A Ticket Holder shall be disqualified, if the Ticket Holder violated these rules or the rules of the Competition and/or if it transpires that the Ticket Holder has in some manner gained an unfair advantage in the Draw.
9. Announcement of result
9.1. The Eligible Ticket Holders will be contacted telephonically and by email to inform them of the outcome of the Initial Draw.
9.2. The Winner will be determined on the date of the Competition. With consent of the Winner a video will be taken and posted at the time of actual handover of the Prize.
9.3. The name and town of the winner will with consent of the Winner be announced, on the Announcement Date.
9.4. Announcements will be made by social media platform and the website – https://www.shopie.co.za/s-foundation.
10. Copy of these rules
These rules are available on S Foundation Website page at https://www.shopie.co.za/s-foundation/.
11. Receipt of the Prize
11.1. The Winner of the Prize shall be entitled to collect the Prize at S Foundation Office.
11.4. Risk of loss or damage to the Prize will vest in the Winner on collection of the Prize.
11.5. S Foundation reserves the right to require the full proof of identification (identity number), work, email and residential address of the Winner, before release of the Prize.
11.6. The Winner shall be required to make arrangements for and collect the Prize within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the Live Draw Date.
11.7. If the Winner fails to accept and collect the Prize within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the Competition Date, or to make arrangements for same to the reasonable satisfaction of the S Foundation the Prize shall be forfeited, and a new Winner shall be determined.
11.8. The Prize may not be exchanged for cash and are non-negotiable and/or refundable.
12. No warrantees are provided.
12.1. Other than for the warrantees provided by the manufacturer of the Prize (if any), no warrantees are provided by the S Foundation in respect to the Prize.
12.2. S Foundation will provide the Prize and the Winner will accept all risk of damage, loss maintenance and repair in respect of the Prize from the delivery date.
13. Indemnity
The Winner, by accepting the Prize, indemnifies (releases from and agrees to protect against) and undertakes to keep indemnified, the S Foundation (as well as its directors, advisors, employees and representatives) in respect of the Prize, its use and operation, and the S Foundation (as well as its directors, advisors, employees and representatives) will not be liable for any accident, injury, damage, harm loss or loss of life that the Winner or any person who uses the Prize may suffer or that any person may suffer resulting from the use of the Prize.
14. General conditions
14.1. S Foundation shall not be liable for any disruption/delay to the Competition, whether due to technical problems or otherwise. If there is any disruption/delay to the Competition S Foundation shall use its reasonable endeavours to remedy any disruption/delay and resume or reschedule the Competition in a fair manner and in due course.
14.2. S Foundation will not be responsible for any failure or inability of a person to buy a Ticket due to interruption, error, delay in operation or transmission, communications failure, website failure, or inability to process an order to buy a Ticket.
14.3. A person cannot participate in the Draw unless the whole price of the Ticket or has been paid. Once money has been received for, or on account of, a ticket or chance it cannot be refunded to the participant except if the Draw cannot proceed.
14.4. Ticket sales will not be allowed to any person under 18 years of age.
14.5. S Foundation reserves the right to amend these rules and the rules of the Competition.
14.6. The laws of the Republic of South Africa will apply to the Competition.
14.7. The Competition is not intended as a lottery but as a skill based competition between the Competitors.
15.Ticket Sales And Refunds
15.1. All tickets sales are final at the time of purchase and tickets are not refundable.
15.2.If not all tickets for a particular competition are sold, Shopie retains the right to amend the closing date of the competition or refund tickets to purchasers, factoring in participant and platform interest.



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